A final goodbye to the show

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Submitted by Zephyrus on January 29, 2019 - 11:07am

Nearly 10 years from when we started this crazy adventure, I'm now almost 18 and sure that I've made good in the world. That so many kids and adults have been inspired to make things and be themselves. Now it's my turn to close the book and leave the world of making to the next generation. From here on out, I'll be archiving my old twitter account, this website, and all associated media.


You can still buy the book, a robot (or any of the super-awesome kits from Evil Mad Scientist!), but there will be no new Sylvia comics, books, videos, or other media. Read my full post to learn more about this decision. We're going to be OK, and I'm so happy to have made the world a little better for a little while at least. Farewell all makers big and small, we love you.

Don't just get out there and make something, get out there and be someone that changes lives for the better.


Love, your "super-awesome" friend,

Zephyrus Todd