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Nearly 10 years from when we started this crazy adventure, I'm now almost 18 and sure that I've made good in the world. That so many kids and adults have been inspired to make things and be themselves. Now it's my turn to close the book and leave the world of making to the next generation.

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Hey guys! Here's my second Vlog. It's all about Robogames 2015!

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Welcome to the first SASvlog! (Super-Awesome Sylvia vlog!!)

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After two years of....basically nothing... I am re-launching my channel to become more creative and fun! There will be more videos, more diversity, and more 'super-awesomeness'. I hope you guys enjoy, please subscribe and tell your friends! ( ^ w ^ )

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Sylvia pointing at a physical copy of her new book, "Sylvia's Super Awesome Project Book: Super-Simple Arduino"

Hello everyone! I’ve been busy!! ...course I’m always busy. Since I left you last on the blog, I’ve traveled to the White House Maker Faire, Rome Maker Faire, Disneyland, and between every trip, I’ve been writing and finishing my very first book!

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Atmel Logo on a shirt

For those that missed it, Sylvia has been working like crazy for months cooking up a brand new set of real life project books!

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HI GUYS!!! So, How have you been doing? Good, good. Oh really? Awesome!

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Sylvia standing on stage before her talk at TEDx San Diego 2013

Hey there peeps! In case you didn't know, My name is Sylvia and I’m a 12 year old girl from Northern California,