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NYC Tour, fundraiser budget, and upcoming awesomeness

Submitted by TechNinja on October 13, 2012 - 11:11pm

Aaaand.. we’re back! Thanks again to every single person who tweeted or donated directly to make our New York adventure a reality. You guys rock!! Here now is the short recap, and full budget breakdown.

I’m sure a few of you are curious about spending, and I want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to donation going toward their goal, so here’s the real and actual cost of Sylvia’s Amazing New York Adventure!

Cost breakdown:

  • Airfaire: $1,735
  • Hotel for 6 days: $1,350
  • Transportation around the city: $100
  • Shuttle to/from airport: $120
  • ~2 meals a day for 10 days x 3 people: $622
  • Entertainment: $125

That puts our New York Adventure grand total at only $4,052!

Our complete take away (after fees) from IndieGoGo was $5,074, less that total, leaves us with $1,022. We’re estimating perk fulfillment to be about $200 in shipping and other costs, leaving us with $822 to help make the next few episodes absolutely super-awesome!

To celebrate, we’re going to start planning! I know, I know.. it’s a crazy idea.. but how about we release the gift guide on or before December 1st? (instead of the 15th like last year!), also, we’re putting up all the photos we can of our various adventures into Google+ albums here, check em out! Comment, +1 and let everyone know how great everything went.

While in New York, we took the Staten Island Ferry, toured the streets, subways and ad filled squares, strolled through central park, visited the most amazing museum and even built a bunch of cardboard robots with new friends at the Smithsonian Design Museum! Also checked out the Makerbot store, Adafruit HQ, NYC Resistor, not to mention Sylvia spoke at the Open Hardware Summit and did her part at Maker Faire NY. Such an incredible, unforgettable adventure, all thanks to you guys.

Thank you!!!

In the coming weeks we’ll be writing up all our past adventures this year (Maker Faire KC, CMK 2012, TEDx Redmond and all our special New York destinations), along with new upcoming destinations like the TEDx San Jose Women on December 1st, and the Brentwood School in LA next March. Not to mention new episodes, new ideas, and lots lots more.

We'll keep you posted. =)

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Minipovs are fun to make, and even more fun to hack

Submitted by Super-Awesome Sylvia on February 22, 2011 - 8:58pm

Not just because I got to solder three kits, but I got to draw some fun patterns and do some new camera experiments. And yes, that is my camera in the show.

Head over to the Maker Shed and pick yourself up a few, then maybe build it with your daughter/little brother/sister/grandpa/loved one... If anything, you're getting out there and learning, and that's one of the most important parts.

Anyways, enjoy the show!

PS-- Oh yea! Don't forget to try out my dad's MiniPOV helper app.. You can use it to help make graphics for your MiniPOV, or you can just make something and save it for others to see. Click here to give it a go!

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