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A Maker Summer to remember 2013: Part 1

Submitted by TechNinja on July 16, 2013 - 8:04am

TV show appearances, Multi-Maker Faires, and Crazy Robot Adventures? All part of a regular summer for us here at SSAMS.

When we last left our heroine “Super-Awesome” Sylvia, she had just started to recover from a whirlwind trip from RoboGames to the White House with her Watercolor painting CNC platform, the WaterColorBot. Now in only a short 2 and a half months, we’ve gone around the country and back again. Here’s the highlights, in reverse chronological order:

The contents of the WaterColorBot kit

July 16th: Sylvia launches her very first original product, the WaterColorBot, as it’s own educational kit on Kickstarter. Supported and manufactured by the incredible staff at Evil Mad Scientist, this one is sure to be a game changer, not to mention it’s fun and incredibly educational, but we’ll have to make our goal of $50k before August 15th! Can we make it? Check out the widget on the front page, or just tell all your friends, family and teachers to go to watercolorbot.com for more info.

July 16th: Sylvia and Lenore of Evil Mad Scientist will appear on Maker Camp! Sylvia will be driving up to Makezine HQ and talking all about the bot, and taking questions from viewers around the world. Check the Maker Camp event page to ask questions and see them in action!

Sylvia standing with the jib camera operator on stage at ABC studios in New York for the Katie Couric show.

July 11: To New York, for a quick appearance on the Katie Couric show, airing Tuesday July 16th, 2013! Sylvia shows off a few awesome science demos, and the WaterColorBot tries to draw the Katie show logo. To a nation looking to improve their science and engineering literacy, hopefully this will help to inspire them all. Check out more and some web exclusive content from Sylvia on KatieCouric.com

July 6: Sylvia turns 12! This anniversary also marks the beginning of her fourth season of Maker Show, this year is going to be spectacular.

Sylvia standing behind her table at Maker Faire Kansas City

June 29: To Missouri, for Sylvia’s third year at the Show me state’s greatest show and tell, Maker Faire KC! Sylvia and her bot painted over 35 portraits over 2 days, not to mention we had a great time at Hammerspace, playing with the robots, and playing around at Science City.

Sylvia poses in front of a giant poster for Atmel bring your kids to work day.

June 19: To Atmel, microchip headquarters of the world! Sylvia was featured at their bring your kid to work day, celebrating education, engineering of all kinds, and awesome experiments, most involving microprocessors like our favorite, the Arduino. Read more about Sylvia's jaunt into integrated circuit fame on the EMSL blog post.

Sylvia sits on stage at Maker Faire Bay Area 2013 being interviewed by Mark Frauenfelder, Editor in Chief of Make Magazine.

May 18: Maker Faire Bay Area, and incredible bustling non-stop exciting amazing everything at once kind of thing. Lots more makers this year, so much to see. Sylvia manned the booth for a while, but still got a chance to escape and really enjoy the faire, always a good thing. Thousands came to see the bot, and almost everyone walked away with a smile.

To the future!

This summer isn’t over yet, Sylvia will be co-leading an Extreme Engineering camp July 22 to 26 with Gary Stager, then off to Space camp in August thanks to the amazing support of fans. Not to mention so, so much more to come, like new episodes (really, we mean it!), books, and things we can’t even imagine. See you all soon, and don't forget to breath... and get out there and make something!

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MFKC Schedule

Submitted by TechNinja on June 25, 2011 - 6:50am

We didn't get our exact schedule pinned down in time to ensure it was printed with the flyer for Maker Faire Kansas City, so here's the breakdown for Saturday and Sunday:

Saturday June 25, 2011

  • Main Hall Booth (various times throughout the day): Crazy Putty
    • What do you get when you bond the polymer chains in PVA glue together with borax? Crazy Putty Fun! Come by and make yourself some, totally free!
  • 12:30 @ Science City Test Kitchen: No-heat lava lamp
    • Learn how to make your very own groovy lava lamp with standard household items.
  • 2:30 @ Science City Test Kitchen: Molding / Casting with Composimold and Composicast
    • Want to learn how to clone real objects? With some special ingredients and a little bit of work you can make a mold and cast almost anything into resin.
  • 4:00 @ Make Center Stage: Arduino Laser Tripwire Alarm
    • With this simple Laser Tripwire, you can protect your room like it was a museum.

Sunday June 26, 2011

  • Main Hall Booth (various times throughout the day): Chicken in a Cup
    • Recreate the sound of a chicken with this cool little noisemaker, yours to keep when you're done!
  • 12:30 @ Science City Test Kitchen: Mr. Backpack
    • Got an old stuffed animal that needs to be a little more practical? Make it into a backpack! We'll show you all the steps and parts you need to do it yourself!

This may end up changing a little, so be sure to check back when in doubt. See ya there!

Sylvia getting "bitten" by a utahraptor in Science City, Union Station.

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Off to Maker Faire, part 2: Kansas City!

Submitted by TechNinja on June 22, 2011 - 11:24pm

This year, the Kauffman Foundation has graciously offered to sponsor Sylvia and I to be a big part of their Kansas City Maker Faire. We incredibly honored to be brought halfway across the country just to see and be seen by our fellow makers.

Sylvia holds a sign that says "Maker Faire Super Awesome Sylvia!"

We plan on doing multiple group sessions on things we've done before (Molding/casting, ALTAlarm), and a few new-to-us classics (Mr. backpack, No heat lava lamp). We also hope to bring kids and adults together to make some simple things they can take home and be proud of (Crazy Putty, Chicken in a cup). It's going to be great! See you there if you're coming, and if you can't make it, we'll be posting some photos to Flickr and a video to come.

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